The prospect of looking for your first career orientated role can be exciting and exhilarating when jobs are in abundance, but what is it like when job opportunities appear to be reducing, candidate competition is increasing and you then have experienced candidates looking at entry-level roles as well – it can seem daunting, dis-heartening and impossible, however it is important to remember that you have just as much chance as the next candidate and positivity goes a long way.

You have worked hard to achieve through your education and studies, you have evidence of your knowledge and now you need to prove you have the right experience to get your foot through the door – it is most definitely not impossible, but it may well be a little daunting; so what is the best approach?

Firstly, get your job search tools in order; as cliché as it sounds, make sure your CV is up to scratch, your online profiles are presented professionally, and you have all your study materials together to show a recruiter what you can achieve.

Secondly, make a plan; set time each day to search for jobs in your chosen field, make use of all available resources. These include job sites, online networking sites (LinkedIn), contacts (study peers, tutors, friends, family), and recruiters, let as many people as you can know that you are looking for a new role.

Thirdly, keep busy and build on your experience; voluntary roles, community help and support are fantastic on your CV and they help to build skills, additionally think about what roles are needed during this pandemic;

• Supermarkets and online shopping companies – warehouse/delivery driving/packing
• Health service – emergency call answering/administration/phone support

These are just a couple of ideas to support during a crisis and also to increase your skill set and boost your CV, these can be worked into your job search and interviews. You might also want to look at increasing your academic armoury with an online course that supports your future career – using time wisely and adding to your expertise will pay off in the long run.

Whatever you do, don’t lose heart with your job search, keep going and keep applying – companies are still recruiting and roles are still available, by using your time to its full advantage, you can elevate your chances of success through putting a positive focus onto your own development that is rewarding and will also give you a sense of satisfaction; your CV will look great!