We often get people asking how to use their LinkedIn profile in their job search effectively.  These are our 5 top tips on how to transform your profile to make connections & find your next job role.

1. Profile

Make sure your profile is complete. This includes a professional photo, your profile section and your most recent work history.  Also include your education history, for example your university and degree, especially if this is relevant to what you do or are looking to do.

Keep your profile updated. Make sure that any job roles or promotions are listed correctly on your LinkedIn page.  It’s super important that people that are looking at your LinkedIn page are looking at up to date information.

2. Recommendations

Use recommendations to fill out your profile.  This can show your connections, your skills and testimonials to back it up.  It is a great way of a recruiter getting more information as to why you’d be a good fit for a role – similar to a reference.  You do have to request a recommendation from someone, they can’t just post – so ask your colleagues, or employers, they may just want one back!

3. Connect

Send connection requests.  If you’re new to LinkedIn, when you register, it will show any profiles of people you may already know. As your contacts engage with their connections, they will show on your feed – send connection requests to anyone that may be relevant.  Especially when job hunting, you can find recruitment agencies in your local area or industry; follow their LinkedIn pages & connect with their employees – you will then see their updates, and job postings.

4. Post

Posting engaging content is the best way to keep your profile at the top of the feed and show people more about what you do & why they should hire you.  This could be related to what you’re doing, examples of your work, or writing informative blogs.  Posting new content allows people to engage with what you’re sharing, which will then show on their connections feed, and allow you to make new connections!

5. Engage

Like, Comment & share.  If your connections are posting great content, tell them.  Be supportive to your connections, especially when posting detailed content – share it to your feed and help your connections – you never know when people might need to be introduced or need someone else’s services.

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