LinkedIn Profile


With over 300 million users, LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for recruiters to search for suitable candidates, so it is hardly surprising that your profile needs to be in excellent health, after all you are networking with professionals that can help you in your quest for your next role.



So how will an optimised profile support your search – well it is generally used in one or two ways:

Over 97% of recruiters will look to LinkedIn first to search for candidates, running recruitment campaigns and placing vacancies – here an All Star, key word endorsed, and recommended profile will be essential towards your details showing up on the recruiter’s radar.

Once a recruiter has your CV, more often than not they will then locate you on LinkedIn (having your profile linked from your CV is a great way to widen your application success), so ensure you have an up to date profile, with endorsed relevant key skills and one that shows your personal value in your role, experience and future development
Branding across all your social media profiles is key here as well, recruiters don’t just stick to one platform when researching the potential in a candidate, they can search Facebook, Instagram etc… make sure all your public profiles are clean and compliant.