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  • Discover and Explore


    This is a Free 30-minute discussion, by telephone or Skype, that addresses your career stumbling blocks, your experiences, your thoughts and feelings, what you are hoping to achieve and why things appear difficult – this call will either provide an essential sounding board to give you a spark to re-engage in your job search or it will highlight if further coaching would be of benefit.

  • As and When


    90-minute sessions booked as required

    This will address specific issues with the job search process, for instance you need to tailor your CV to a specific job but not sure how, you are being given the same feedback from applications or interviews and want to move forward, you don’t seem to be able to find the right roles for you to apply for, you need motivation and to be re-energised into your job search or anything else you feel is holding you back in your career journey (you do not need to be an existing customer to access this service, you can use us on an ad hoc basis or even just the once, we are here to support you).

  • Interview Coaching


    A 3-hour programme delivered in 2 sessions.

    The first is to establish areas of concern, discuss previous interview failings, to give an understanding of all interview types (1-2-1, panel, telephone, assessment centre, competency based etc…), to focus on how to overcome any fears and to address personal requirements, how to research and what to prepare for each interview. (2-hour session via telephone or Skype).

    The second session is a tailored, mock interview, that lasts for 45 minutes and feedback is provided (1-hour session via Skype).

  • cover letter

    Personal Profile Analysis


    (Discounts available for multiple reports)

    Assessment Type: Behavioural Profile

    Time to Complete: 8 minutes

    Format: 24 questions

    Results: Enhance job search strategies and improve interview confidence

    The PPA Report gives you information on how you are, as a person, prefers to behave at work and the characteristics you are likely to demonstrate, it will show your potential frustrations in your current job and how likely you are to behave under pressure, as well as providing an insight into your strengths, areas for development and the value you will bring to an employer.

  • Career Counselling


    Do you feel stuck in your job and dissatisfied, unsure of which career direction to choose? Career counselling is a confidential service which creates the space for you to review and re-evaluate your career choices. You will identify what success means to you, clarify your values and understand your Key Career Drivers which are crucial for career fulfilment. Your counsellor will act as a facilitator, ask pertinent questions and guide you through a process which brings clarity, enables you to refocus and develop a clear direction for the future.

  • Let’s Get Started


    * 6 Week Session Delivery

    * 2-hour initial coaching followed by 5-weeks of 1-hour coaching and support

    * Job search strategy planning

    * Review, analysis and feedback

    * Unlimited email support for programme duration

    * Post programme follow up (1 hour)

    * CV and Cover Letter

  • The Full Package


    The full package includes career counselling tailored to individual’s specific needs, full interview technique coaching and new job searching documents.

  • The Whole 9-Yards


    * 9 Week Session Delivery
    * 2-hour initial coaching followed by 8-weeks of 1-hour coaching and support
    * Job search strategy planning
    * Review, analysis and feedback
    * Unlimited email support for programme duration
    * Post programme follow up (2 x 1-hour sessions)
    * Monthly email catch-up for first 6-months
    * Keep in Touch Sessions (3 x 1-hour sessions within 6-months)
    * CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile

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