Cover Letters

Every CV should have a Cover Letter to introduce it, to set the scene for your candidate success; your cover letter needs to bring the recruiter to want to read your CV, it is a ‘call to action’ for want of a better phrase and in most cases, a cover letter is a requirement along with a CV. So what must a letter contain, well you need to show why are you applying for this role, how your background supports the criteria and where your value is through achievements and results, but most of all why do you want to work for the employer you are applying to.

We cater for all types of letter, from a speculative approach, targeted to respond to an advertised vacancy, or for a resignation letter that may leave an open door should you like to return in the future, you may even need to write your own reference letter from your boss, we can help with that too.

Cover Letter 1 - £45.00

1 Cover Letter
Includes Consultation

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