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Kickstart Programme

Having worked with many professionals recently who are finding the world of recruitment a little bit tough and facing obstacles that they have not had to deal with before, we have combined the ‘essentials’ into one bundle to get you started in the right direction, with the confidence and know-how to maximise your success.

In addition

The important bit…

2020 has caused a few curveballs in the whole recruitment platform with many roles now being more flexible with working from home (WFH), or sharing office space part-time mixed with WFH. Additionally, roles being advertised are expanded to accommodate the level of internal streamlining, which increased levels of redundancy has impacted, and of course, there are many of us returning to work after gaps to support changes to income and family routines; the list is endless, and the whole prospect of job searching in this current climate can be mind-blowing.


The Kickstart Programme includes…

Consultation, CV and Cover Letter

  • Consultation (average 60-90 minutes but not restrictive) by telephone or online call channels (Skype/WhatsApp/BOTIM etc…)
  • A tailored and targeted CV & Cover Letter with a fully optimised profile, key skills, professional achievements and accomplishment-led work experience
  • Unlimited amends/additional information process
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Completed CV and Cover Letter in Word and PDF formats

Job Search Strategy Session

  • 90-minute session (can be booked as one session of 90 minutes or two at 45 minutes each)
  • Explore job search practices, processes and opportunities for your career level, sector and objectives
  • Show you how to develop your online profiles to effectively run a successful job search
  • Identify how you can match your CV to vacancies to ensure ATS compatibility
  • Put together a robust and solid job search strategy which supports all types of job search practice and application processes

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