Ok so you have your interview winning CV and a powerful Covering Letter to ensure your CV is read BUT how do you know your application has been seen by the right person, if it has been seen at all?

Applying for jobs is an art in itself and doing your research before you apply is paramount to ensuring your application is seen and by the right person. Detailed below are the various resources available to look for jobs and the best way to approach them.

Job Search Sites

By far the most accessible, easy to use and most popular way to advertise and look for jobs. If a company is looking for staff they will, 9 times out of 10, use an online tool like Job Basket.

So how do you get the best out of your application, well that depends on when the job was advertised! Task yourself to check job sites every 3-4 hours, as soon as you see a new role that suits you then apply but only if it is before 4pm in the afternoon. Reason being that most recruiters will normally finish work by 5-6pm, and it’s doubtful they will look at applications at this time SO your application that arrived in the inbox at 5pm until 10pm, for instance, will not be looked at until the morning.

In the meantime other candidates set their alarm clock for 6 or 7am and also applied for the role you did the day before BUT they may have more chance of getting an interview than you, who applied first, WHY?

Think about this logically, most recruiters will get to their desk and open their emails from about 8-9am and, as we all know, the emails will be listed with the most recent sent mail, therefore, you want your application to be one of the first the recruiter see’s over their morning coffee!

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