We know that job hunting can be challenging and even more so at present. Coronavirus may be causing uncertainty for those out of work, or potentially facing redundancy – but we’re here to help!

Don’t give up – keep positive
Sometimes it can feel like you’re not making progress, but don’t allow yourself to get dragged down by the negativity. Keep yourself focused – there are lots of employers currently hiring, albeit the recruitment process may be slightly different to what it was.

Keep applying
Using job site alerts, you can be notified of any new roles in your area / within your sector that you’re looking for. Sign up to multiple sites, as some roles may only be advertised on one. This can keep you engaged with the new roles that are coming up.

Use LinkedIn
This point is very important! Use LinkedIn to engage with existing connections and send out new requests. Those in recruitment & HR are sharing lots of new opportunities, which may not be advertised online.

Companies are hiring!
Although many businesses have been affected by COVID, lots of companies are pushing their recruitment, as demand has increased. Those that provide essential goods and services, such as supermarkets, are hiring for increased staff to support in these difficult times.
LinkedIn have compiled a great list of companies that are currently looking for new 50+ staff: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/news/heres-whos-hiring-in-the-uk-4905516/

Be Patient
Due to the increased number of applicants, recruitment may be a longer process than normal, so have patience. Recruiters use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to compare CV’s against the job description advertised, however still need to review all applications that fit the criteria.
The transition of those working from home may cause a delay, as people get used to the new working environment, so be aware of this – a follow-up email is good, but try to avoid pestering the recruitment team, as this may not work in your favour.

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