Our CV Review service is designed to guide you through the main areas that generally pass or fail an application, see more below.

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Are you getting the right response from your applications, or is there silence after you hit the ‘submit’ button?

Our CV Review service is designed to guide you through the main areas that generally pass or fail an application, we will assess certain criteria against both ATS (applicant tracking software) and recruiter expectations so you have a clear understanding of how your CV stacks up.

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The Main Areas We Will Review:

Presentation and Layout

Does your CV contain the relevant sections for your industry/role/career level and are they easily picked up by ATS, is your font recognised, is it readable, is it too colourful or logo busy, do you have any barriers to ATS; if your CV does not pass ATS then it is highly unlikely the recruiter will even see it

Key words

OK, so we have assessed if your CV has key word matching, but what does this really mean in your CV; if you have key words then we will check their strength, if you do not match with the main key words for your role/vacancy type then you may not succeed through first base


So what have you achieved in your career?  Can the recruiter see quickly who you are, what you have contributed and what the impact was; know your numbers here, include as much quantifiable detail as you can

Definition or Overkill

Is your CV a good mix of detail, bullet point definition, balanced content, ‘text heavy’ or is it a 2-page list of bullet points; balance is key, so we will assess this aspect as well

Profile strength

How does your profile impact both ATS and the 20-second recruiter scan, does it match key words, are your skills and competencies clearly shown, does it show your worth; recruiters need to see, within 20-seconds, if you are a match to the company, the role and the team, they want to see your value, what you have accomplished and how you have developed your career to date

CV language

How you write your CV is so much more than spelling, punctuation and grammar, even though we will check for this we will also look at whether your document contains CV specific language and punctuation, does it show you as an achiever or is it more passive; how you present yourself is key to how successful your application will be

Descriptive or Achievement

Is your CV a copy of your job description, or is it about you and what you have delivered within your role, chances are you are applying for a position that has a job title that is shared by most of the other applicants, the job role itself may well be similar as well so what makes you different; does this show in your CV, we will tell you

No CV – no problem

We appreciate that not everyone will have a current CV, for some industries a CV has never been required before, or you may have secured your career development through word of mouth, so if this is the case then please complete our No CV Form, and submit for an overview of requirement for your role, sector and experience.


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