Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How will my order be processed?

Once we receive your order, we will ask you to provide a copy of your current CV or to complete our Online No CV Form.  On receipt of this, we will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment for a telephone/online call-based consultation; this discussion enables us to obtain all the relevant information required to compose your initial draft document.  You will then be able to review your document (PDF Draft Copy) and let us know if you have any alterations or additions you will like to include – once you are fully satisfied your order will be completed by way of emailing you a word copy of your document and any other items ordered will be prepared.


I have asked for a Free CV Review – do I have to place an order with you?

No, we will critique your existing CV for free without any obligation on your part to purchase from us.


Why do you charge different fee’s for CVs when they are all prepared to the standard 2-page length?

Although CVs are generally 2-pages in length the content will vary according to the level and type of CV you require; an Executive Level CV would require a considerable greater time on both consultation and preparation than that of a Junior Career with one or two roles; our pricing is gauged on the time element of each career level and experience of consultant required. It simply wouldn’t be fair to have a one price for all.


Why should I choose Professional CV Writing Ltd when there are so many other companies offering the same service for less?

Our Founder has over 20-years of experience in all areas of recruitment, CV writing, job searching, interviewing, career coaching, HR and business management as well as our team of consultant’s bringing their own industry wide knowledge and expertise; having a CV written for you is one thing, but a professionally written CV from a provider who ensures that they get to know you and understand your needs is quite another, this is where we differ to many other companies.  We take the time to talk with you and listen to you, ensuring that we produce a CV, and/or other products/services as required, that are tailored to you.


Why do I have to pay upfront for my order?

This is standard across the industry to pay upfront for products and/or services; we have found, through experience that we build stronger professional relationships working in this way.


How long will my CV take to be completed?

Once we have carried out our telephone consultation with you, your CV will normally take up to 5-working days to be completed – amendments and additions are generally turned around within 1-2 working days from receipt.


What if I am not happy with my CV?

We aim to ensure that all our clients are in receipt of a CV that they are entirely happy with, which is why we will amend your CV and work with you until you are fully satisfied.


Will I receive a report on Interview / Job Search and Career Coaching consultations?

Yes you will, in addition to the telephone based consultation the content of our discussion and coaching will be compiled and emailed to you as a fully comprehensive report.


I have successfully found employment from having my CV written by Professional CV Writing Ltd but now want it updated; will I need to pay the whole fee again?

No, we offer discounted fee’s for updating documents for existing customers – details of how to order this is found on our Member Portal.


If I move house and need to update my contact details on a CV I had written by Professional CV Writing Ltd, can you do this and how much would it cost?

We can update your CV with personal details at any time with no charge.


I can download a CV template for free from the internet, why should I pay for your services?

Anyone can write a CV and a template is a useful tool for doing this, however, not everyone can write a CV that contains the information that prospective employers are looking for in a format and style that will attract attention – if your CV is not getting you the responses you expect then you may need to pay for your CV to be written for you.


I am unemployed, will you discount my CV?

No, we will not discount our products or services based on employment status – many people are unfortunately unemployed, and it would not be fair to charge a higher fee if someone is working, against someone who isn’t, for the same level of commitment.  Our fees are priced according to market needs and trends and are at our lowest operational levels already.

We understand that FAQ pages, although informative, are not exhaustive so if you have any questions that are not covered above please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer.

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