Why career coaching isn’t a luxury

During our busy lives, do we ever really take the time out that we should to re-evaluate where we are heading, to question whether our job still gives us career satisfaction that most of us seek or just take a moment to truly pause and reflect fully at a career...
5 Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter

5 Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter

Time to say goodbye to your current employer, or secured a new role? Here’s our top tips on how to write your resignation letter. Resigning from a job can be tough, and it is more important than ever to make sure that you stay on good terms with your previous...
6 Top Tips on How to stay motivated whilst working from home

Employment after furlough

The Furlough Scheme introduced by the Government back in March comes to an end on the 31st October. Across the UK, 9.6 million workers have been furloughed, with the scheme used by 1.2 million employers. In terms of cost, the government anticipates a total figure of...
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