Career Services

Are you feeling like you are on a career treadmill, you know, you’re moving but getting nowhere?

Are you bored at work, just wishing that something exciting will come along?

Are you facing redundancy and scared of what the future may hold?

Are you returning to work after a career break, raising a family, going from self-employed back to PAYE?

Are you finding it difficult to transition your career onto the next level or even a new direction?

Have you retrained, or looking to take up training, to refocus your career journey but don’t know where to start?

There are so many reasons that we have, some we will experience just once, or it may be a recurring issue, but in the main there are no obstacles that can’t be overcome with some support, help and guidance to show you the way.  Our support goes one stage further, we will be working with you, one a 1-2-1 basis to ensure you have the right tools, you are motivated and guide you, week by week, to see results in your journey through regular sessions that plan, review and feedback.

If you need a kick start to get your career on track or require a more in-depth approach to realising and making some significant changes, then one of our packages may just be the answer – we are experienced in directly supporting individuals to not only overcome obstacles but to enable continuous career growth.

We will help you find your ‘Why’ and then show you ‘How’ to achieve your career goals; there are several options available, depending on your individual need:

Discover and Explore


30-minute discussion, by telephone or Skype. This call will either provide an essential sounding board to give you a spark to re-engage in your job search or it will highlight if further coaching would be of benefit.



As and When


This will address specific issues with the job search process, for instance you need to tailor your CV to a specific job but not sure how, you don’t seem to be able to find the right roles for you to apply for, you need motivation and to be re-energised into your job search or anything else you feel is holding you back in your career journey.


Interview Technique Coaching


The first session is to establish concerns, previous interview failings, understanding all interview types and what to prepare for each interview.

The second session is a tailored, mock interview and feedback is provided.


Career Counselling


A confidential service which creates the space for you to review and re-evaluate your career choice. Your counsellor will act as a facilitator, ask pertinent questions and guide you through a process which brings clarity, enables you to refocus and develop a clear direction for the future.


The Full Package


The full package includes career counselling tailored to individual’s specific needs, full interview coaching and CV writing services.



We have over 100 years combined experience with training and supporting individuals to optimise their career choices, identify skills and talents, map the right career path and get through competency questioning, panel interviews, assessment centre days and much more.  If you have a specific career need and it is not detailed here then just contact us and we will see what we can do, our central office number is 01603 327 644.

We can help with any of the following…

CV Writing / Cover Letters / Application Forms
LinkedIn Profiles / Professional Bios / Curriculum Vitae
Interview Techniques / Career Counselling

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